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Search, Pump, and Sign Up

Posted on: January 31, 2010

Not that long ago, before the holidays, I had been sitting in a lovely downtown cafe studying online for my GREs. A middle aged man and his wife sat down at my table, and after a bit we started talking. Turned out he was a Marketing PhD, and he had a tip for me that I now share with you:

Search, Pump, and Sign Up

Okay, he didn’t put it as cryptically as I just did, but it boils down to:

  • Search for professional organizations where you can showcase and grow your talents, meet business leaders, and learn from them. Then go to a trial meeting by attending as a guest, if you’re not sure you are ready to pay the usually high member dues. Then…
  • Pump a few hands and network. Make connections while at this meeting. See if this professional organization is where you want to be. Does it offer you the opportunity to learn from your fellow attendees? Does it have interesting guest speakers? If it does…
  • Sign Up! Join the group and attend regularly. Become an active and integral member of the group. Learn from the successful people around you and see how you can be like them.

I attended my first American Marketing Association Meeting since college this past week. It was a great experience to meet and engage on equal footing with established businessmen and women, especially since I’m practically right out of college and so used to taking the student role. But how do you find these groups? I have found, and will possibly be joining, 3 others besides the AMA. I found them through a combination of:

  • Word of Mouth: I asked the gentleman and he gave me a few.
  • Google Search: Yes, Google is your friend.
  • Tie Overs from College: I had belonged to the AMA Collegiate Chapter, so I figured that that might be a good place to start.

Search, Pump, and Sign Up. Three simple steps that can get you out of the house and finding a mentor. They don’t just arrive–Plop!–on your desk. You have to find people to learn from them, so go out and find them. And if you are in Phoenix and a Marketer, join the AMA Phoenix Chapter. They’re a good crowd and it’s a good organization. If you’re not in Arizona, go on to the national website and find a chapter near you. It’s worth it. Hey, that’s the Search step done!


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