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Pretty Elven Opera Singer: Communication

Posted on: February 27, 2010

This week, we’re having a little story about different people communicate in different ways. It has elves.

I am a vocalist. I sing broadway tunes and am learning more classical works. My teacher is an opera singer with a docterate in voice. Before I met her I didn’t even know that they had doctorates in voice.

During my lessons, she and I struggle with understanding each other. I just don’t have the vocabulary to describe the sensations one has while singing. For instance, she says “Make the sound come out into the room,” and I go, “huh?” Where else is it going to go? My ears?

So, after hitting the correct note in the correct manner, she asked me once, “How would you describe that? How did it make you feel?”

I paused and thought about it before answering, “Like a pretty elven opera singer.”

She couldn’t respond for a good heart beat or two. Then she cracked up.

I explained, “The ‘pretty’ describes the vibrato. ‘Elven’ means the etherial quality, the breath. ‘Opera,’ to me, is the reach and strength. Finally, ‘singer’ means that I hit the right note.”

My teacher would have never summed up all of that as “pretty elven opera singer.” I did because of my history with fantasy litterature (I’m a mega fan. I even write novels when I’m not learning about professionalism and business).

We each have different ways of communicating. What means “good singing” to one person may mean absolutely nothing to another. “Good job,” may mean, “do better next time,” to one person and “excellent!” to another. We have no way of knowing what our words will mean to folk.


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