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Look, but Don’t Touch

Posted on: March 10, 2010

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A while back, I talked about how a good professional doesn’t play up his or her sexuality at work in the post Sexy, Smexy. I recently read an article that takes this idea and turns it partly on its head.

It said that checking each other out during an interview is natural and we shouldn’t stop it. Yes, I just said, “checking each other out.” Apparently, it is a natural inclination to take a good gander at the person you are dealing with, and then move on to businesses. And it’s not just true of men, but also women. I can believe this. After all, we’re judged on our appearances all the time.

The article suggests that instead of fighting this natural tendency, we just accept it. In the case of interviews, it suggests giving the interviewer a chance to check you out. Litterally. Drop eye contact and rummage in a bag, move a chair, do something so that the other person has a chance to give you the once over without feeling terribly self-conscious. This way the interviewer can move on to judging your intellectual qualities instead of constantly restraining his or herself from looking at your more physical qualities.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. While I understand the principle, it just seems wrong. As I mentioned in “Sexy Smexy,” blatantly showing off your sexuality is not good for your image, or your reputation. This still stands.

But by the same token, the article reports that when this “let the other party check you out before getting to business” tactic was used during sales interviews, the salesmen got better sales.


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