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Welcome to the Working World

Posted on: March 18, 2010

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Have you ever heard this song? It’s by MxPx, the title is “Responsability,” and sometimes I think the band was reading my mind. Here’s a LINK so you know what I mean.

Part of the transition between college student to professional is dealing with the fact that people will want to rely on you more. People just don’t expect great quality work from a student, but they do from an employee, and saying, “I just graduated. Cut me some slack,” will not improve your chances of getting a raise or keeping that job in this economy.

Which leaves me, young grad that I am, staring at mature, greying men saying, “Yes, I can do that for you. I’ll have it on your desk by tomorrow. Oh? You want it today? And it has to include a strategy for successful implementation? Gotcha. I’m on it.” Yeah, am I the only recent grad who finds those mature men and women (not “old” mind you, “experienced”) more than a tad intimidating? This new responsability thing is tough.

And I don’t believe it will get better. Nope, I don’t think my boss will ever stop saying, “Oh, and do this, too,” adding more, and more to my workload. Once I start doing one thing well, a new thing will need criticism and improvement. Once one strategy succeeds, the next one must be put in to play, with expectations of an even greater success. And Lord forbid a failure, but they will come, and I’ll have to live them down.

This doesn’t happen only to grads. It continues after we get that 2 years of experience under our belt. It’s life. I remember when I came home that first tough day and complained to my mother about work, how tough it was, how I couldn’t figure it out. You know what she said?

“Welcome to the working world.”


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