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Who’s Looking at Your Geolocation?

Posted on: April 1, 2010

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Geolocation is the new online marketing buzz word. Don’t believe? Just type it in to a Google search. Yeah, there we go.

Foursquare and Gowalla with their social gaming characteristics were just the start. Now we have Twitter and Facebook Geolocation Tagging your posts. If you are a stalker, this is heaven. Or if you’re a thief (, anywone?). But besides the safety issues, there’s one other item for consideration.

Who is seeing your location? If you are bar hopping with friends, do you want your boss to know? You might not have Friended your boss on Facebook or on Foursquare, but are you connected on Twitter because you use it for work? How about that recruiter who contacted you via Facebook for that job you really want? Do you want them to know that you like Irish pubs at 1 am?

On the other hand, how about checking in to conferences? Show all those professional people that you are intelligent and really clued in on what is going on in your industry.

This just takes me back to wha exactly your personal brand is. If your brand is who you truly are, and you truly are a drinking man who lives nocturnally, then maybe this checking in at 1 am at the George and Dragon is a good thing. You stand out, and if you can ballance great work product at all hours of the night, like an actor’s agent would have to, then you’re golden.


1 Response to "Who’s Looking at Your Geolocation?"

[…] course that’s just a brief quote; the article goes in to more detail. Check out my blog post Who’s Looking at Your Geolocation for more of my thoughts on Foursquare and it’s competitor […]

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