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Use social networking!

Posted on: May 15, 2010

My loyal readers will know by now that I’m a Linked In groupie. I go on every day, so if you want to get a hold of me, there are few better ways. So while I was enjoying my morning Answers bonanza (Answers being the Linked In area where people ask questions and then… answer them), I passed across the following question: 


“Looking for happy ending stories on how social networking makes students more employable. What is your experience?” 


Now I grant you that the original author, Camelia Burn, is asking for positive stories, so there will naturally be a bias towards the possitive in the responses, but let’s see how many answers she got… 7. That’s 1 a day on a rather bland question. Not all of them are stories, but all of them tend to praise networking, digital most often. The respondants mentioned everything from finding a job by looking at the ads on social networking sites and then engaging with people in positions to hire to using the wealth of knowledge now available in forums and online groups to hone skills and do better in interviews. You can meet people who can help you find freelance work, as well.


But I will make one caveat to this decree to use social networking: “using” does not mean “have a profile.” If you are going to use social networking, you have to engage, seek out influencers, and learn from them. It’s like going to school. Just having your tushy in the chair will not convey knowledge. Students must do the homework, take notes, and work for it. If it were as simple as having a profile… well, there would be less unemployment.


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