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Are Blogs Public Diaries?

Posted on: July 11, 2010

You see it everywhere. People complaining about coworkers, friends of friends, bosses, parents, policemen who pull them over, even their drug dealers. On their blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. You also see personal branding gurus and HR pros saying all the time “Don’t do it, fool!”

I’ve managed a business’s online marketing. I’ve seen what the company’s employee’s would post. They should have known I was looking. After all, we had dispersed a social media policy (They are so popular, aren’t they!). Why, oh why, did one employee post about hating his job and his boss? It was all I could do not to type a response, using the company’s official Twitter, “I’m watching. You do know that, right?” Luckily I never had to deal with a drug post.

diary, venting, privacy
But why do people do it? Do we have some inner need to vent? Considering the usual content of paper diary entries, I’d say yes, we do. Humans want to be heard. Isn’t that at the heart of one of the best customer services strategies known to man? You don’t actually have to give into demands as long as you said, “I hear you” before you say no? But why do we vent on blogs and Twitter and Facebook about things we don’t want anyone but close friends to know about?

It’s easy. Too easy! I’m in front of my computer all day, Tweeting about things, working on blog entries, and I get an annoying call from my boss to come in to work. It takes all of five seconds to tap “Damn boss! Today was supposed to be my day off! ARGGHHH!” into Twitter. And it takes just about as long for my boss to fire me (excluding paperwork).

I wont go in to why people shouldn’t post about such things online. I figure, if you found my blog, you know why. Or you can read some of my other posts on personal branding and figure it out real quick. Rather, I want to know why people don’t edit themselves. Do they not realize, like my wonderful employee, who is watching and listening in? Do they not know why it is verboten? It does take discipline, forethought, and general awareness. Are these qualities lacking in many people? Or is the need to vent just so strong that it overcomes caution?


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