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Hug train logo (fundraising effor benefiting Mental Health America)Have you ever seen an injustice in the world and wanted to change it? Did you? I’m inspired by the actions of Arié Moyal, a man I’m proud to call a friend. He has taken the initiative to fund raise in a very imaginative way for Mental Health America (MHA), a charity devoted to dealing with mental health issues in all their incarnations.

Arié started Hug Train. He’s been spending his holiday season jaunting around the United States giving out hugs, raising funds for MHA, and spreading more than just good vibes. He’s spreading information. And while he’s been doing that, I’ve been stuffing my face with Christmas feasts and lazing around the house. Arié has seen an issue and is trying to make a positive impact on it. The world needs more of this type of initiative.

I talk quite a bit about going out there and just doing stuff, like asking for favors or applying for jobs. Sometimes it’s necessary to just go out and do good, too. Let nothing get in the way of giving out a hug and some info on the issue that strikes closest to your heart. Arié isn’t.

And chances are, Arié’s issue is also close to your heart. Mental Health America (MHA) describes itself as America’s, “leading nonprofit dedicated to helping ALL people live mentally healthier lives.” How many people do you know who have mental health issues? This can be everything from children with emotional behavior problems, such as those often linked to ADD, to soldiers coming home with PTSD. And yes, this also includes classic “diseases” such as bipolar disorder. We all know at least one person who could benefit from a bit more mental wellness.

Boy, I wish I had Arié’s gumption. And don’t you? He’s taken an issue that affects us all in some way or other, owned it, and is helping make the situation better. Though I believe his train trip has ended, you can still help him by donating online via his charity’s FirstGiving profile page.

How can you help improve the world? Arié has inspired me. I don’t know if I’ll be jaunting around the US, but I may just take to mentoring disadvantaged kids. Do what you can, then think about it, and do more.

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