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Open Letter to Barnes & Noble

Posted on: March 29, 2011

Dear blog readers, for the last three months, I have been subjected to an on-going customer service failure from Barnes & Nobles. I want to share my woes with you in the hopes that this will get their attention. Below you will find the e-mail I just sent out to their catch-all management e-mail. Enjoy!

Subject: Yes, this is a complaint

Hello management people and Dan – the nice guy who saw my complaint on Twitter,

I am writing to you because, after 3 months of waiting for your customer service team to give me a replacement Nook because the one I had bought was faulty, I was promised an appeasement gift by Louis Lis (during the week of February the 20th) and Isabella, a floor supervisor (on March 2, 2011). I finally got my Nook back and called the hotline about the appeasement and was offered $10 and then $20 in store credit.

There are two reasons I would like more and something else:

1) Not only was my Nook held hostage, but I was repeatedly lied to and had to suffer what can only be described as some of the worst customer service in my life as I tried to get it back. I called once a week only to be told “Your Nook will be sent to you in two days. You should receive it in about four.” When the Nook did not arrive, I had to make the call again, the next week. Please understand, I live in London, a fact well-known to your customer service call center. Being stuck on hold between 7pm and 11pm at night is not pretty, and I had to do this repeatedly. I know that the poor front line grunt who was taking my call wasn’t lying to me on purpose, but it was still a lie and I hold the organization that misinformed that poor front line grunt responsible. I also had other people on the phone tell me that the most I could get was my Nook back, and that that would have to wait because the warehouse was out. That is not including the people who insinuated that the broken Nook was my fault. The item had a blank patch on the screen and was never in contact with any water. That was not my fault. I believe I am due a little more than 20 bucks for this treatment and theft. That barely covers a hardback business book off of your website.

2) I cannot use a gift certificate. I happen to be living abroad right now in London. That would be the reason why I bought the Nook in the first place. I wanted to have books with me while I travel. Now, I have a bunch of books I can’t take home that I have bought for classes. This is money I have lost, thanks to the theft of my Nook. I am a student and do not have a lot of money and this has truly put me out. Store credit, especially sent to my permanent address in Arizona in the form of a gift-certificate, is useless to me right now. It’s adding insult to injury.

So, here’s what I propose: Give me a better offer. You have no idea what a raving B&N fan I was until this fiasco. I was promoting the Nook far and wide to my 500+ Twitter Followers. I praised B&Ns customer service, too. Now I’m using this as a case study in bad manners. Turn me around. It is possible, if you give it a real try and not just shake your head and apologize.

As for the gift-certificate, if you give me credit on my online account, I can actually use it. But if you send me a gift certificate, as said above, you might as well stick it in the shredder. Just credit my account to amount more than a paltry 20 bucks. Don’t ask me to do anything else when this entire saga is your organization’s fault.

Also, try to think out of the box. I’m flexible.

So, moving forward, you’ll have to reply to this e-mail unless you like cross-Atlantic phone calls. I don’t, and I’ve made quite a few to your call-center (which is in the Philippines, actually, if I am not mistaken – at least part of it). I’m sick and tired of being put on hold and I really despise being told that managerial staff are too busy and in a meeting – “Could you please call back in an hour?” I will call and completely annoy you until I get some satisfaction. That was the only way I got my Nook back, after all. If I had waited for your side to do anything, you would have stolen it permanently.

However, I would rather avoid all that and handle this like adults. Please provide me a telephone number where I can reach you so we can discuss this and you can attempt to make me less angry.

Thank you for your consideration,



1 Response to "Open Letter to Barnes & Noble"

You poor thing! Hope they respond.

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